My Method

Mag. Christa Salvenmoser

Psychotherapy can be helpful if you face mental problems which can have external or internal causes. It involves exploring unhealthy and harmful thinking and behaviours and modify those in a step-by-step approach. The aim is to enable development of personality and reduction of suffering.

My method is the Psychoanalytic oriented Psychotherapy. It is based on the method of Psychoanalysis, with the difference that the Psychoanalytic oriented Psychotherapy takes place in a sitting vis-a-vis position in a frequence of once or twice a week depending on the symptoms and indication.

Mag. Christa Salvenmoser

A Psychoanalytic oriented Psychotherapy is about realizing and coming to terms with unconscious conflicts which originate from an individuals biography. This results in a relief of the symptoms and a better understanding of one’s mental functioning. An essential prerequisite for such a process is that the individual strives for change and is open to reflect one’s thoughts and feelings.

The Psychoanalytic oriented Psychotherapy is recognized as a valid method in line with the Austrian law for Psychotherapy. This method has been co-developed with the university of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy at the Medical University in Vienna.

What is the meaning of „in Training under Supervision“ ?

This is the last phase of the long-lasting education for becoming a psychotherapist. During this phase I am entitled to work independently, but consult with experienced psychotherapists in regular intervals and thereby reflect my work thoroughly. Relevant informations are shared in an anonymized manner since I have to comply with the obligation of confidentiality regulated by § 15 of the Austrian law for psychotherapists. As a client you profit from lower cost and a high level of quality assurance. An additional benefit can be for you that no personal data are shared with the social security service.


Individualized personal therapy in a sitting vis-a-vis position in a frequence of once or twice a week, in exceptional cases the therapy can be held by video (e.g. Zoom, Skype)

Target group:

Adults (from 18 years on)


German (mother tongue), English