Psychoanalytic-oriented Psychotherapy Christa Salvenmoser

Mag. Christa Salvenmoser

Mag. Christa Salvenmoser

I am a Psychotherapist (Method: Psychoanalytic-oriented Psychotherapy) in Training under Supervision and offer psychotherapeutic treatment in German and English language.

In case you suffer from mental problems like anxiety disorder, depression, regular conflicts with your surrounding, chronical overburdening or periods of transition, then I invite you to contact me in order to see if our joint work can contribute to improve your problems.

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Mag. Christa Salvenmoser

Topic overview

depressive mood • depression • bipolar disorder • anxiety disorder • panic attacks • domestic violence • personal crisis • interpersonal conflicts • personality disorder • obsessive-compulsive disease • chronical disease • psychosomatic problems • burnout

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